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Universal Credit

Universal Credit — An Ideal Scheme for the Financially Unstable Individuals

Well, if you have already planned to apply for the Universal Credit, then make sure you have acquired it from a reliable source. Or else, you might even end up losing all the potential benefits that are mostly associated with it. Basically, this scheme was oriented towards the individuals who run their household on a bare minimum income. Suppose, if you have been recently terminated from the workplace, it would be even difficult for you to invest in the essential monthly expenses.

Moreover, after a certain age, it seems to be impossible to work, in certain circumstances, a Universal Credit can be highly beneficial. So, in a nutshell, it can be stated that Universal Credit is designed for the welfare of individuals, who are struggling to pay their living expenses. It’s basically a monthly payment for UK residents, but in Scotland, you might even get it twice a month. 

After claiming for this monthly payment scheme, it’s mandatory to open an account where the monthly payments will be transferred. But, how much is Universal Credit, it’s still a questionable fact. As it contains several different elements, so coming up to a conclusion about the exact amount of the monthly payment is quite analysed. Here, we are mentioning the information about Universal Credit that can provide a clear insight. 

Universal Credit Standard: What’s it and How it Can Benefit an Individual?

With the emergence of payment schemes like Apply for Universal Credit, you can now opt for sustainable living. There is no longer a need to borrow money from individuals to mitigate their basic needs. Simply, acknowledge the procedures of enforcing it and know much is Universal Credit per month. And, when it comes to claiming Universal Credit, the applicants get the privilege to get one standard allowance. 

Regarding the Amount of the Standard Allowance

An applicant’s current circumstances might certainly change, so it will be assessed continuously. Moreover, even a slight change in the financial situation can reduce the amount of monthly payment through Universal Credit. Want to know how much is Universal Credit allowance in the UK? Here, we are compiling a few standard allowance amounts that you can get, but only in limited circumstances:

  • A single claimant whose age is under 25, might get an amount of £342.72 every month.
  • You will get £409.89 per month, but you have to be 25 or more than that. 
  • Along with single claimants, you can also opt for making a joint account in Universal Credit. In certain circumstances, you will be paid £488.59 monthly. But, both of the individual’s ages should be under 25 to get such a lump sum amount of money.
  • And, for the joint applicants with either an age limit of 25 or over, the UK Government has fixed a monthly payment amount for them as well. An amount of £594.04 will be credited to their joint account for Universal Credit.

On top of these standard allowance amounts, you can include more money, but you have to be eligible for that. Don’t present any illegitimate evidence to get more money, as it might lead to legal consequences. So, before taking any further steps, make sure you have consulted with an expert. 

When to Acquire an Additional Amount of Money with the Universal Credit Allowance?

Generally, the amount of this standard allowance might vary, based on the candidate’s current financial situation. Additionally, the UK government provides a plethora of facilities for individuals who undertake a huge financial responsibility for their families. So, if you have children, or a disabled person to take care of, you can avail benefits from Universal Credit.

But, do you know how much is Universal Credit for a child or the person who has recently come across severe injuries? No! Then, simply, go through these below-mentioned segments to get aware of your basic rights as per the Government rule.

For the Applicants with Children

Do you have one or more than one child? Then, you can add a considerable amount of money to fulfil your child’s basic necessities. And, when it comes to having 2 children, you will get an extra amount of money for both of them. But, if you have 3 or more children, the additional money will be paid at least 2 of them.

Certain age restrictions are attached to this claim for extra money. So, if you are taking care of a child between the age of 16-20, then only you are qualified for the child element. However, there are certain instances, when you can get an equal amount of money for 3 or more children. 

Here, we are going to mention when this equal pay is possible:

  • If your kid is born before 6th April 2017, immediately claim for £281.25 per month. But, before that, make sure, you have attached legitimate documents on the behalf of your statement. This includes birth certificates and other birth-proof-related documents of the first, or only child. 
  • Do you have more than just one child? Then, you can claim a monthly amount of £235.83 for each child. But, this money claim is only applicable if you have two children, when it extends to 3 or more than that, you won’t be entitled to the child element. 

But, there are certain circumstances, where you can get an exemption for having more than just 2 children. If you have recently adopted a child or in multiple birth scenarios, this exemption can be granted. 

For Disabled Child and Child with Long-Term Health Condition 

If you are not employed and still have to bear the expenses of a child who has long-term health conditions, then consider getting Universal Credit. You can successfully acquire a large amount of money at the end of the month, if you have a child, with certain mental or physical disabilities. And, this can help you to get the necessary medicines or the expenses of the monthly doctor appointments.

Usually, after qualifying for the Disabled Living Allowance or PIP, you can get £162.92 per month for each child. You can also get the opportunity to get at least £400.29, it’s the highest rate of Disability Living Allowance that one can attain. 

The Claimants for a Disabled Person

If you are unable to work due to disability or poor health conditions, then also you can increase the standard allowance amount. Did you recently come across an accident? Even, due to medical negligence, you can become completely disabled, this might prevent you from working. So, if you have limited capability to work, or continue the work-related activities, then £341.92 will be added to your Universal Credit account. But, if you have already applied for the health-related Universal Credit before April 3, 2017, then you will only get £128.2 per month. 

Taking Care of a Severely Disabled Person

Do you provide consistent care to a disabled person for more than 35 hours a week? Then, you can procure an additional benefit. Basically, with the assistance of this sort of disability-related benefits, you get £162.92 at the end of the month. 

For Housing Rents

Need help in paying the house rent? Thinking of getting loans to pay the monthly rent? Wait! Hold that thought! Simply, mention the purpose of taking Universal Credit and incorporate the required amount of pay for house-rent. But, how much Universal Credit for housing consists completely depends on the age and the recent financial situation of the applicant. 

Although, it can be exemplified that the estimated money can be manageable for paying the housing expenses. You might even cover a few service charges within that predetermined amount. However, the housing cost for the private tenants is calculated based on the locality where he/she lives. 

Also, the Local Housing Allowance scheme helps to determine the overall housing cost as well. For the social housing tenants, certain eligibility criteria are primarily settled, based on the number of bedrooms he/she actually has. So, the housing cost might vary if you have more than just one bedroom to provide to UK residents.

Does an Employee Have the Right to Claim a Universal Credit in the UK?

Yes! You can definitely claim for Universal Credit if you are already associated with one of the leading companies in the UK/Scotland. But, how much is Universal Credit for the employee is yet to be disclosed. You might work approximately an 8-9 hour, but if you work more than that, this might affect the amount of the Universal Credit. Initially, the UK government checks whether you are qualified for work allowance or not.

If you are engaged in paid work and have sincerely undertaken the responsibility of a dependent child, then you can get the work allowance. Additionally, the disabled or physically unwell persons are qualified for a work allowance as well. Get a monthly allowance of £292, but only if your Universal Credit includes housing support. But, you will be paid £512, if you haven’t included housing support through Universal Credit. 

Didn’t get the monthly payment if Universal Credit? It’s probably because of the financial gain that you recently got. So, before applying for this contract, make sure you have analyzed its terms and regulations. Don’t wait, visit an online UK government website and claim it now!

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