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Child Maintenance

Dealing With Child Maintenance in the UK

Raising and maintaining a child is a humongous task. In the United Kingdom, the maintenance of child service is available if you are a busy parent. Mostly, this service comes in handy when you are a single parent looking for the service. Setting up the entire matter is mandatory when you are first availing of the service. 

On the very first step, you need to select a good organization that delivers the service. After that, talk with all the executives present over there. Fill up all the necessary forms with correct information and finish the task with the full payment. And, here you will also get to know when does child maintenance stop.

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How much Child Maintenance should I pay?

You might have a few expectations regarding the payments. In addition to that, you might also have a budget. So, the cost of child maintenance solely depends on how many children you have. Obviously, the maintenance cost of one child is much less than two children. There are also several other factors that might play some important roles. They are like the income of the parent, the elapsed time of the maintenance, and others. 

Are there any Benefits?

There are not as many benefits as you think you can get out of the child maintenance service. If you are considering Universal Credit to pay the extra money, it won’t happen either. The fixed amount is just inevitable in the case of Universal Credit. On the other hand, talking about Council Tax reduction, some amount might be considerable. 

What if you get any Benefits?

In case you get benefits, it might not be as fruitful for you as you might think. As usual, you have to pay the desired payable amount to the organization which is delivering the child maintenance service. From the aspect of Universal Credit, if you are the joint owner, then you might spend that extra amount of money of concession on the child maintenance service. 

When does Child Maintenance stop?

On reaching adulthood, child maintenance will eventually stop. The minimum age limit of stopping child maintenance is 16 years. On the other hand, the maximum age is 20 years. If you consider the tender age before 16 years, then the child or the children must attend A level education, high school or college. 

Does your Income affect the Payment?

Yes, of course, your income will definitely affect the payment of child maintenance. When your income is unknown to the organization that is delivering the child maintenance service, then they have a fixed rate. It’s 38 pounds for one child, 51 pounds for two children, 61 pounds for three or more children. These rates are also known as the default amount. 

When your income is below 7 pounds, weekly, then you don’t have to pay anything for the maintenance. Earning between 7 to 100 pounds weekly will cost you 7 pounds per week. This is known as the flat amount or rate. Last but not least, if your income is from 100 to 199 and 200 to 3000 pounds, then take the help of the maintenance calculator. The two plans are generally known as reduced and basic maintenance cost. 

Payment Percentage towards the Children 

When you are making the payments at the lowest or the basic rates, then the rates vary amongst the number of children. So, here are some percentages that will help you to distinguish the percentage of the number of children. The basic pay percentages go like this: 

  • For one child, the rate will be 12% of your total weekly income.
  • In the case of two children, you need to pay the amount at the rate of 16% on the total weekly income.
  • Three or more children will cost 19% of the total weekly income.

If you like to gather more information regarding the payment percentage, then a percentage calculator will help you to do the main as well as other additional calculations of child maintenance payments. 

The Role of a Paying Parent

The paying parent plays the role of shared child maintenance. If your child or children are spending some quality time with the paying parent, the amount of child maintenance will be reduced. Let’s get to know the fraction of the reduced maintenance. 

  • When your child or the children stays for 52 days and 103 nights, the maintenance cost will be reduced to 1/7th on each one. 
  • Regarding the 104 days and 155 nights, the cost will be reduced to 2/7th of the original cost per child.
  • As per the 156 days and 174 nights are being concerned, the maintenance cost of each child will be reduced to 3/7th.
  • In the case of 175 consecutive nights, the child maintenance cost will be reduced to half, which is 50%. 

In addition to that, there is also the facility for an extra reduction of 7 pounds per child in a week. Regarding this reduction, it varies to different organizations. 

Child Maintenance: Is it Worthy?

In the United Kingdom, most people opt for child maintenance service. Before you avail the service, you must know whether it is right for you or not. Here are some points that will help you to understand the facts: 

  • Concerned about the main career of your child.
  • Frequently location change takes place due to work. 
  • There is no one to look after your child at home.

In many cases, the parents of a child or children don’t take the risk of leaving the child to their grandparents. If your domestic situation is just like this, then opting for child maintenance is very much worth it. 

Establishing the Child Maintenance Arrangement

There are basically three ways to set up child maintenance — The first one is a voluntary arrangement. The second one is calculated and set up under some schemes of government schemes. And, the third one is the arrangement done with the help of the court orders. It’s important to check all the details of these three procedures. 

The Voluntary Arrangement

The child’s parent, which is your spouse or husband, plays an important role. His/her participation is very much important in making the decisions to arrange the maintenance service, voluntarily. In other words, this arrangement is also known as the privacy of the family-based arrangement. 

Regarding the end of a relationship

The arrangement of child maintenance might become mandatory when you are getting divorced. In such cases, a consent order from the court will be very much helpful. The consent order will also come in handy in the case of the end of a civil partnership as well. 

Arranging through the Government Scheme

The government scheme will only be useful when the other parent is still a student or in prison. In the case of the student, it must be full time, as both of these categories don’t have any income yet. Provide all the details to the Child Maintenance Service, and they will take care of it. 

Applying for the Child Management Service will only be fruitful if only you don’t agree with the other parent regarding the arrangement. On the other hand, the unknown address of the other parent of your child will also play an effective role. Last but not least, not having direct contact with the other parent will also trigger the application process of the Child Management Service. 

With the help of the Court 

Regarding the arrangement of the Child Management Service, the court can play a vital role. The emergence of the court only happens when you live abroad. Furthermore, if you earn more than 3000 pounds per week, then the court can help you in setting up the Child Management Service. 

Applying for the Child Management Service (CMS)

First, you need to check whether you can really apply for the service or not. Several factors must be considered regarding the application. First, check whether you are a citizen of the United Kingdom. The identification process is mandatory. If you are a habitually resident of the United Kingdom, which means that you have already thought of living in the UK, you can easily apply for the CMS. 

As the matter is fully related to your child or children, they must qualify or fulfil all the eligibility criteria. Your child or children must be a minimum of 16 years to 20 years old. In addition to that, they must have an approved education or training. Moreover, you must not be in a civil partnership with someone else. 

The Cost and Necessary Information 

The costing of the CMS is just 20 pounds when you make an approach to apply for it. On the other hand, several mandatory information is required. The list is given below. 

  • The National Insurance number
  • Details of your bank account
  • The name of your child and date of birth
  • Details of the nights spent by the child with each parent

The full name of both parents is also required. Make sure you provide all the information correctly. Otherwise, there might be some problems that can take place by following the wrong information.

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