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Secured loan

Detailed Explanation of Secured and Unsecured Loans in the UK

Secured loans are nothing but a type of loan that you will receive by putting up the security in the form of assets. Residential properties are one of the best forms of assets that you can keep in security. In the other words, the secured loans are also known as homeowner loans and second charge mortgages. 

If you are facing difficulties in paying the secured loans, then the bank will take some vital steps against you, it can repossess the home. After that, selling it to someone will make them repay the amount of money that you have taken as a loan. 

The unsecured loan is much more clear and straightforward, you don’t have to keep any security for lending money. Apply for a loan, and agree to all of their terms and conditions. Regarding the unsecured loans, just pay a monthly instalment. Here, Secured and Unsecured borrowing explained. 

The Synonyms of Secured Loans 

Secured loans have a lot of similar names, you can also say home equity loans, second mortgage loans, no existing mortgage loans, debt consolidation loans and more. If you hear all of these terms, never panic, they are all same. 

How can you get the Secured Loan?

Comparing all the available secured loans, you have to find the best deal. Before that, understanding loan interest rates plays a major role in the specification of your financial situation. The most convenient way to get a secured loan is to speak to a broker. Make sure that the broker is experienced in dealing with these matters. 

In the United Kingdom, the process of getting a secured loan only works with the help of the brokers. There are no other ways to get a secured loan better than this. Make an appointment and give him/her all the details — the amount of money you need to borrow, the time span you need to pay it back, interest rates and many more. 

Secured Loans: The Total Cost

If you calculate the total cost of the Secured Loan, then the calculation of two aspects are quite mandatory — One is the interest rates and the other is the fees. Depending on the total amount of money that you are taking as a loan, you will be charged interest. Make sure that you tell all the details to the broker so that he/she must not face any type of hectic situations while arranging the matter. 

Now, coming to the context of the fees, it’s the charge of loan functionalities that the broker will arrange for you. You have to provide the fees just after the loan is being sanctioned. Make sure you pay the entire amount to the broker to maintain a good reputation of the broker-customer relationship. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages 

Without knowing the advantages and disadvantages, it’s better not to proceed towards it. So, let’s learn them one by one as they are given below. 


The loans are large in amount. The minimum approach amount for the loan is 25,000 pounds. If you look at the time span, then you can easily borrow for the long term. On the other hand, as the time span is lengthy, the monthly payment will be much affordable. The facility of borrowing money on standard mortgages is also there. A few lenders can easily provide a lower rate of interest to attract more customers. 


As the mortgage is inevitable in the case of secured loans, the interest rates can get higher. Talking about the upfront costs, it can also exceed due to the lender’s arrangement fees and valuation charges. The usage of the equity value in your assets will take place as all the secured loans deal with the assets. In case, you are unable to pay back the amount with interest, there is a high chance that you can lose your assets, once and for all. 

Secured Loans and its Alternatives

Equity release and second charge mortgage, two are the best alternatives to the secured loans. There are a few people in the United Kingdom who can think of taking equity release instead of the secured loans. The matter of equity release will come in handy only if you are planning to sell your home. Furthermore, the moneylender will pay you the total amount of agreed money in exchange for a certain percentage of your home. 

After that, the lender gets his/her money back when the house is being sold. Now, the second charge mortgage will allow you to use the equity value of your home or any other asset. The equity is generally the home percentage that you own. This type of mortgage will allow you to have two types of mortgages — One is on the home itself and the other is on its equity. 

The Unsecured Loans in Details

The concept of unsecured loans is pretty simple and straightforward. You borrow money and just pay the entire amount or in instalments. If you don’t make the payments in a proper way or delay, then it has the ability to deteriorate your credit ratings in your credit books. If the situation gets worse, then the moneylender can visit the court and file a case against you. 

The fact of a charging order can also come into existence. The failure of making the payments to the unsecured loans can have the charging order on your home which can be a risky situation. And, this is one of their clear and upfront business strategies. 

Getting the Best Ideas for the Unsecured Loans

Have you already decided to go with an unsecured loan? It’s the best choice for you to fulfil your desired target. The very first step will be approaching a mortgage lender and check what they are offering. If you see a special type of deal, for example, a loan with a low rate of interest, it will be better to take it. 

Your next step will be to help yourself. Check for various types of websites that have all the information about unsecured loans. If you find a better deal, contact that lender personally and grab the offer. Before making the deal, be sure that you have read all the terms and conditions. 

Secured and Unsecured Loans: The Differences

In a secured loan, you have to make your assets involved. While in the case of an unsecured loan, no assets are involved. Unsecured loans are generally based on the credit history of your credit books, whereas the secured loans are neither the credit books nor the credit records. Unsecured loans are easily available, no matter what the amount of money is. 

Compared to that, the secured loans work with a fixed amount and are also considered the equity value of your assets. Of course, the rate of interest varies in the secured and unsecured loans. As per the experts, most of the time, the rate of interest is higher in the unsecured loans compared to the secured loans. This happens when you somehow delay or fail to pay back the borrowed money. 

Can Secured or Unsecured loans develop Credit?

Yes, there is a high chance of developing a good credit score with secured or unsecured loans. A matter of fact is that you have to repay the loan amount within its desired interest in time. If you do this, the money lenders will be eager to lend you a bigger amount of money. In addition to that, it will also help you to develop a good credit score. 

Consolidating the Secured Loans

It is very much possible to consolidate any loans whether it is secure or unsecured. The consolidation will solely depend on the Wider Debt Consolidation Agreement. During this time, the options will be decided based on your financial circumstances. Before you come to a decision, about the secured loan, you need to understand the potential risks, clearly. If you have a debt previously, then you must observe all the options available and consider them. 

What if there is no equity?

If there is no equity in your assets, there won’t be much problem regarding the loan. Here, the amount of the loan matters the most. If the loan amount is less than the actual value of your asset, then it’s absolutely fine. If the amount is bigger, then don’t wait, just talk to any loan advisor as soon as possible to get fruitful solutions. 

Making an Early Payment.

If you are having a sufficient amount of money, always try to repay the loans as soon as possible. While the loan is active, you might be worried about making the payment, as the money doesn’t belong to you. Make sure there are no issues that take place with the county courts and bailiffs.  

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