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10 Methods to Boost Your Credit Score in the UK

Most people in the United Kingdom purchase goods on credit. Now, this credit can lead people towards debts. That is why maintaining credit books is very much necessary. The main aspect of credit books is the credit score. Maintaining a good credit score reflects all the credit transactions and is beneficial as well. 

Nowadays, checking credit scores is easy, and it’s also free of cost. You can check your credit score with the help of sophisticated systems at various credit agencies. On the other hand, you must also maintain your credit score. Here are some of the effective methods that will help you on how to improve credit score. 

The Credit Score: Important Facts

Applying for credit is very much common in the United Kingdom. But, the entire function doesn’t work in an easy way. In addition to that, applying for credit doesn’t mean that you have all the demanded money at once. When you apply for the credit, the creditors will first check your credit score. The score reflects how responsible you are regarding the payback of the debts. A high credit score will make the possibilities of getting credits quickly. 

Boosting your Credit Score

Now, you must get to know how to improve as well as maintain your credit score. So, let’s get to the important points.

  • Provide the Correct Credentials

While applying for the credit score, you have to go through some normally written formalities. In this part, you need to provide your name, address, profession, details of your income and expenditure and others. Always try to provide correct information. 

After you complete all the formalities, there will be an inspection. If one of this information turns out to be incorrect, then you might get a chance to correct it but there will always be a risk of a reduction in the credit score. So, don’t hurry, go slow and do it correctly. 

  • A Good Credit History 

Before passing your credit application, not only the creditors will have a look at your credit score, but also they will closely observe your credit history. If they find any type of interference of courts and bailiffs, then there will be a high chance of rejecting your credit proposal. That is why it’s very much important to maintain a good credit history. 

  • Make Reliable Payments 

In general, paying off the debts are done every month. There is a very small number of people that pays off all the debt amount in time. So, always pay the monthly instalments in such a way that the creditors can understand that you are very much reliable in this matter. In addition to that, if your credit account is managed properly, it will not only teach you how to improve the credit score but also give the creditors the confidence of getting back the money on time. 

  • Make the Less use of Credit 

If you are using the credit purchase and facing issues, this will eventually reduce the credit score. Here, you have to think differently. The best idea is to leave the credit money, as well as keep the account untouched. Try to use cash and debit cards (if you have any) to make online and offline transactions. 

  • Discontinue any Interlinked Person 

Your credit account might be a joint account. In this type of account, you both have to maintain the credit score parallelly. If one goes down, the total credit score will eventually deteriorate. If you are not relying on your partner, then take the necessary steps to detach yourself from the credit books of that account. This is how to improve credit score effectively. 

  • Never let the CCJ Step in

The County Court steps in when the situation is very much critical regarding the repayment of debts. If the County Court released a judgement against you, the effects of the judgement are going to accompany you for the next 5 to 6 years in the credit books. If this happens, then there is a high chance that most of the creditors will reject your credit application. 

  • Eliminate previous Debts 

Paying back all the previous debts, and then applying for the new debts or credit will be the best idea. If you don’t do so, then there will be too much pressure upon your shoulders. Various types of problematic situations can easily take place. That is why never keep a single amount remaining that belongs to the previous debt or credit. 

  • Maintain a Single Residence 

If you are having a permanent residence, then the creditors will feel comfortable lending you the money. In addition to that, you will also be able to maintain the process on how to improve credit score, as well as the good reputation of the credit books, and in your profession.

  • Making the use of Electoral Roll

Are you eligible for Electoral polling? Then it will make things easier in getting credit. That is why applying for the electoral roll registration is important. Provide all the necessary information and make the registration successful. 

  • Always avoid more than one applications

Here, using more than one application means you already have on-going credit, and applying for another one. This creates more than one application of credit running in your credit books. So, try to avoid this. Thus, it will help you to understand how to improve your credit score. 

The Credit Report: All the Necessary Details 

Have you ever wondered what are the details that you might have to provide while applying for the credit? Here are the essentials, as follows. 

  • Your full name, residential address and date of birth
  • Necessary credit applications and footprints of your file
  • Details of the link-ups with the other people
  • Information about late payments or defaults
  • The total amount of money you are willing to ask for
  • Identity proof and address proof

In this case, you need to ensure that there are no county court judgements. If you try to hide the matter and then get caught during the investigation, you might never be able to get any credit from the money lenders for a longer period of time. In order to understand the matter —  how to improve your credit score, you must provide all of this information in the correct order. 

What are the Items Excluded in the Details?

To submit the application for credit, you don’t have to share information about your salary, student loans, medical records and history, criminal records, council tax debts and others. In addition to that, several types of fines like parking and driving fines are also excluded from the list. 

How to improve Credit Score within a fixed time span?

Actually, there is no fixed time span regarding the improvement of the credit score. The time span depends upon how much the score is. If it is too low, then increasing the score will be much more time-consuming. In addition to that, you have to work hard to maintain the credit book without the impact of any County Court and Bailiffs. 

A Credit Score, for Example

Various credit organizations have their own maximum and minimum credit scores range. The top three credit organizations are Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. Let’s check out their minimum and maximum credit scores. Equifax says that according to them, 420 out of 466 is a good credit score. And, keeping the score between 467 and 700 is an excellent score. 

On the other hand, TransUnion says that out of 627, 604 is a good credit score. Maintaining the score from 628 to 710 is very much mandatory, and they always advise their customers to do that. Now, Experian has fixed criteria, every customer has to maintain a minimum of 881 out of 960. Other than that, maintaining a score of 961 to 999 is also important. 

Can repaying the Student Loan improve your Credit Score?

Repaying the student loan will only help in the debt settlement. It’s not going to be included in your credit books as well. 

One Basic Credit Card

Usage is the best way to get the answer on how to improve credit score. It’s better to keep a credit card at the basic level. Analysing your entire money management, will not only help to maintain the credit book but also improve the credit score. In addition to that, credit cards also have the power to rebuild the credit score in your credit books. 

If you are about to get a new credit card, the executives of the credit card companies will insist you have an expensive one. But, you are aware of your financial condition, so you need to do things as per your capability. 

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