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0808 Numbers – Who Uses This Number?

Many businesses and charities require people to reach out to them through phone calls to get their services. Now, they would surely want an optimal level of communication with customers and beneficiaries. Therefore, they need to take certain things into account. One of the most important among those things would be the phone bills of the customers. After all, it would keep increasing as they are on the line. As a result, they might not be able to stay connected for long, and there might not be proper communication. 

There is an efficient approach to solve this — getting 0808 numbers. A lot of businesses are using it to maintain their outreach among customers effectively. So, you might want to get one for yourself if you’re running a business. However, there is some useful information that you might need to know before you proceed. 

How do they work?

Generally, it’s the person who makes a call that incurs charges for it. However, it is possible to get an arrangement where the receiving person pays all the bills for the call. Then, the caller won’t be required to pay a single penny. This is a service that has to be paid for by the receiver and is called a freephone. You will surely find many businesses using this service. 

You can identify freephone numbers by looking at the first four digits. One such number that is commonly used is 0808, the others being 0800, 0300, etc. It was introduced over two decades back and can be used in any part of the UK. Once you get this number, the people who call you won’t incur any charges. Instead, it would be added to your bill. You can get this arrangement from one of the various network providers who offer it. Moreover, they also generally allow the subscriber to customize the arrangement according to their requirements. So, they work just like any other phone service, with some differences.

This arrangement is useful to businesses, NGOs, government services, etc. And, not everyone needs to get 0808 numbers. 

Who uses this number?

When it comes to freephone numbers, there are many of them, 0808 being one of them. Now, all of them are meant for different purposes. It’s not that anyone can choose just any number. If you’re getting a free phone number, you have to make sure that it’s meant for your purpose. As of this one, it is mainly used by the various services run by the government. 

You must have come across 0808 numbers if you have used some government helplines. Apart from that, it is meant for use by customer services as well. If you notice, you’ll find that many of them have subscribed to this number. After all, it encourages people to call them without worrying about phone bills. Thus, this benefits both sides. 

Are these numbers lawful?

In case you’re wondering, no there’s nothing illegal about these numbers. They have been introduced and used for quite a long time. You’ll see all the big businesses using them to increase their outreach. However, even though the numbers aren’t illegal, you might have doubts about the users. In such cases, you might want to be cautious about potential scams. 

Can you call them for free?

From what it seems, many people have doubts about whether they would incur charges on calling a freephone number from mobile. So, to clear the doubts it must be pointed out right here that they are free for all devices to call. You don’t have to worry about which one you’re using. You can call from mobile or landline, whichever you wish. There isn’t supposed to be any charge for calling 0808 numbers, except under certain circumstances. 

When do you have to pay charges for calling toll-free numbers?

If you’re calling from the UK, there is no charge applicable to you. However, you might be calling from another country; in that case, it’ll add to your phone bills. However, it would only be the international call charges that apply to you. The 0808 numbers themselves never require you to pay to call them. 

So, it can be said that they’re free under all circumstances. Also, it must be noted here that it would be better to call a regular number than a free one if you’re calling from abroad. Otherwise, you might incur a comparably higher charge. 

Are these numbers free to call for all networks?

There are different networks that different users have subscribed to. You might wonder whether you can use toll-free numbers on your network for free. This seems to be another concern people who are new to this have. For most networks, you won’t have to pay a single penny to call a toll-free number. 

However, some networks haven’t yet implemented this. So, if you’re using one of them, you might be charged for the call. Otherwise, even if you’re calling from abroad, you would have to pay only the international charges. 

How much would it cost you to get 0808 numbers? 

First, you have to find a service provider for it. Also, you need to make sure that they’re registered. The cost would differ from one provider to another. Moreover, there are different things that you can include in the service you have bought. That would have an impact on the cost as well. Do you want a number that’s easy to remember for customers? That might give a significant boost to your business. In that case, the cost will be higher than getting any regular number available. 

Once you’ve set it up, you’ll have to pay a monthly charge that’s fixed. Apart from that, you’ll also have to pay for the incoming calls that were diverted to your phone. This can vary from one provider to another. Moreover, it would also depend on where you received the call and where it was redirected. 

Needless to say, getting a freephone service can cost pretty high sometimes. So, the best thing to do would be to consider a lot of options and get the best offer. You might find one that’s perfectly suitable for your budget and requirements. 

What are the benefits they provide you?

When you think about it, 0808 numbers can be beneficial both to the callers and the receivers. First, you can call them up without paying any charge. That means you’ll be able to talk to the business without being in a hurry to put the phone down. This would give you enough time to communicate properly. Now, from the receiver’s perspective as well, this would be very helpful. It would help them to give a significant boost to their business or service. 

In case of a number that has a high cost, a lot of people might even hesitate to call. However, by setting up a toll-free one, you can make sure they don’t do so. As a result, they would be more willing to connect with you. This would be beneficial, especially for charities and NGOs, apart from businesses. Seeing how popular it has become, people will surely recognize a toll-free number.

In today’s globalized world, it is very common for companies to expand to other countries. In case you’re wondering, even they can use 0808 numbers to provide their customer services. It won’t matter if you’re sitting in another country, all you’d need to do is buy a suitable freephone service. So, you might want to reconsider while getting one. 

What are their drawbacks?

These numbers might provide a lot of benefit to you, but that’s not all; they have their share of drawbacks. You need to consider them before coming to any decision. This is only from the perspective of those who are buying a freephone service. The very first drawback you might face while using these numbers is the cost itself. They often reach a level-up that might not be affordable to small businesses. 

Further, it might also not suit your budget when you’ve just started your business. Even though their charges seem to have lowered, they are still unsuitable to many businesses. Also, subscribing to a very low-priced service with fewer features probably won’t be worth it. Further, they won’t be able to provide you with a network that meets the standard. 

Now, from the perspective of the callers, there is a potential drawback. As discussed before, some network providers still charge for calls that are supposed to be toll-free. If you’re using such a network, you’d be at a disadvantage while calling a toll-free number. 

Should you get 0808 numbers?

As we have seen, there are many perspectives when it comes to this arrangement. Overall, there are pros as well as cons to it. You must go for it only after you are sure that there are more benefits than risks. So, it would not be the same for everyone. If you have a considerably high budget, it would be totally worth giving it a try.

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